All-in strategist

Hi there! It's MariaBeatrice Alonzi here but, please, call me Bea :)

I help people to transform their lives and their jobs, getting everything they want, without any more fears.

I have a PHD in Techniques and Methods of Behavioral Analysis .

I work with the biggest Italian and international brands and I contributed to create the most famous names of the new digital and offline entrepreneurship.

I work as a Growth Hacker, strategist and Coach for many brands and entrepreneurs as Estetista Cinica®, Hard Rock Cafe®, Marmolove®, FunkyMama®, Stefano Benni, Rocco Papaleo and many more, to give their clients and followers an incredible digital experience and get them where we want them to go.

I have been defined by the press The Italian Digital Artist,
which means I can do all the tech, strategy, marketing, communication, content and everything else you can think of.

I am an Award-Winning Artist and I also wrote a Best Seller on how to reach your goals and potential without hurting yourself anymore.

I live in Rome (Italy) but I am always travelling. I believe in hard work and talent, I am engaged with an actor named Francesco and I have a beautiful dog named Olivia.

My manifesto are two manifestos:

- If you continue to be afraid: you'll stay still, letting time goes by, complaining that you didn't make it. -

- Call it marketing, call it branding, call it digital blabla, call it whatever you want, as long as at the end of the year, it increases sales.-

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